Pankaj Mullick Music and Art Foundation (PMMAF) is a non-profit organization primarily engaged in the preservation, promotion and propagation of the myriad works of late music maestro Pankaj Kumar Mullick.

Established in 2005, to mark the birth centenary of Pankaj Kumar Mullick, it has since then accomplished the following:

1. Digitized Works

Digitized the varied works of Pankaj Mullick, be they his songs, recordings, films, photographs, notations or scripts.

2. Commemorative Stamp

Helped in the publishing of a Commemorative Postage Stamp in the honour of Pankaj Mullick by the Government of India

3. Commemorative Statue

Helped in the setting up of a Commemorative Statue in the honour of Pankaj Mullick in Maddox Square Park on Pankaj Mullick Sarani (Ritchie Road) by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation

4. Published Audio CDs

Published 2 audio CDs comprising hitherto unpublished recordings of Rabindrasangeets in the voice of Pankaj Mullick

5. Published a Biography

Published a biography of his in Bengali focusing on the pioneering contributions of Pankaj Mullick to the realms of Indian Radio and Indian Film Music

6. Audio CD with Saregama

Supported Saregama India Ltd. (erstwhile HMV) to publish an audio CD comprising 8 poems of Rabindranath Tagore set to tune by Pankaj Kumar Mullick. Rajib Gupta (grandson of Pankaj Mullick) and his wife Jhinuk Gupta were the artistes of this album

7. Documentary Films

Released 2 documentary films on the different aspects of Pankaj Mullick’s life and works and had the privilege of them being screened at a number of Film Festivals

8. Programmes & Events

Organized and participated in about 100 programmes and events in Kolkata, other places in India and abroad in which the works of Pankaj Kumar Mullick were presented by eminent artistes as well as Rajib Gupta (grandson of Pankaj Mullick) and his wife Jhinuk Gupta.

PMMAF is a bona fide non-profit organization and this actuality is highlighted by the fact that it can issue certificates by which donations made to it are qualified for exemption u/s 80G(5)(vi) of the I.T. Act, 1961 (Initial) as per OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF INCOME TAX (EXEMPTION) – Certificate No. DIT(E)/314/8E/352/05-06, dated 22.10.2013, valid in PERPETUITY.

Over the last couple of years, PMMAF has also started documenting, propagating and promoting the golden heritage of Bengali culture through various events comprising musical programmes, stage shows, exhibitions, seminars, conferences and film screenings.

The activities of PMMAF, since its establishment in 2005, have been widely covered in the media – be it print, electronic or internet.