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Pankaj Mullick Music and Art Foundation

(PMMAF) is a non-profit organization primarily engaged in the preservation, promotion and propagation of the myriad works of late music maestro Pankaj Kumar Mullick.

Pankaj Kumar Mullick – the music maestro


The name of Pankaj Kumar Mullick has been etched deep in the edifice of the cultural heritage of India. His creations and contributions to the fields of Indian music and cinema are legendary. He was a singer, composer, actor, playwright, social-worker, mentor and administrator – all rolled into one.

The Program Repertoire

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The Programmes

  • The Legend of Pankaj Mullick
  • Mahishashurmardini
    (The Durga Saga)
  • Inspirations
  • Gitanjali – Song Offerings
  • Ashruto Rabindranath
    (Tagore unheard)
  • Music On The Rocks
  • Folk Era
  • Hashir Itikatha (Laugh Lines)
  • Adi Theke Anadi (Song Lores)
  • Bards of East and West

The Pankaj Mullick Music and Art Foundation has over time built up a repertoire of programmes which not only incorporate the works of Pankaj Kumar Mullick but also takes them forward by adding a contemporary twist to them.

These programmes, after having been premiered and performed, have not only been appreciated by the attending audience but have also been praised by the media.

However, these programmes need to be showcased a lot more and for this purpose, the Foundation is seeking hosts and patrons to reach out to ever widening circles of viewers.

Upcoming Events

Cultural Outreach


Classes | Workshops | Performances | Counselling & Guidance



Conducted by:
Rajib Gupta Communications

Supported by:
Pankaj Mullick Music And Art Foundation

Affiliated to:
Sarbabharatiya Sangeet o Sanskriti Parishad


Singing (Bengali, Hindi, English & Bollywood)
Recitation (Bengali, Hindi & English)
Cartooning, Drawing & Painting
Creative Writing
Music (Guitar, Keyboard) etc.


Spoken English
Soft Skill Development
Communication Skill
Public Speaking
Social Skills
Corporate Etiquette
Grooming etc.



Pran Chaay
(Audio CD)

He Nutan
(Audio CD)

Ashruto Rabindranath
(Audio CD)

Betar O Cholochitrer Jagatey Probadpratim Sangeet Sadhak Pankaj Kumar Mullick


When Thou Commandest Me | Tumi Jokhon Gaan Gahite Bolo | Gitanjali | Song Offerings (Poem 2)

Adoration and ecstasy have often defined the peak of human happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction. Some find it through mortal pleasures while others find it through divinity. Rabindranath Tagore portrays its attainment in his poems and songs through poignant metaphors having their roots in spirituality, philosophy and his perception of world-theology. In the second poem of…

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Thou Hast Made Me Endless | Aamare Tumi Ashesh Korechho | Gitanjali | Song Offerings (Poem 1)

There are some things which remain eternal – one such is our human nature. Despite the unimaginable progress human beings have made over centuries, through science and technology, they at their core have remained almost unchanged from the dawn of civilization. Their emotions have not changed – only the way they are expressed, probably has.…

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EVENT REPORT: MAHISHASURAMARDINI 2017 DATE: September 16, 2017 (Saturday) | TIME: 6:15 p.m. VENUE: Children’s Little Theatre Auditorium (Dhakuria, Kolkata) The presentation of Mahishasuramardini is a preordained feature in the Events Calendar of Pankaj Mullick Music and Art Foundation.So, as with every year since its inception, the Foundation this year too presented yet another adaptation of…

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Pankaj Mullick Music
and Art Foundation


Jhinuk Gupta


Tagore Unheard






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